My artwork is a metaphorical doorway into alternative venues for dealing with the complexities and ambiguities of human existence. It is my way of navigating and balancing life’s constant motion between polarities.

By holding on to the images depicted in each artistic creation, I journey into a paradoxical dimension where these seemingly opposing elements meet in harmony – light and dark, movement and stillness, growth and decay.

From within this paradoxical dimension, my psyche witnesses the creation of art as a reflection of the soul’s transformation. My art therefore offers a self-portrait of my psychic life. This life is my reality, an altered reality of the moment of imagination.

Through the physicality of the art making process, I enter into a web of relationships with forces I feel myself a part of – forces that are inheritances from the universe, ever unfolding.

The universe is in here, in my body, ever balancing Yin and Yang.

The psyche is the kinetic inward experience of the human body. While I paint the silk, carve the woodblock or etch the metal, I witness myself transform. My physical action during the creation process, embodied as the rhythmic marks, traces my inner psychic movement that is a symbolic process of “becoming.” I am reclaiming my pure being, the bliss that correlates to the sense of being alive and saying “yes” to life.

I believe that spiritual oneness and creative bliss are essentially interchangeable, as both can be found in the pure harmony of Yin and Yang.

My work, created by the “kinetic” union of my body and psyche, links the world of my personal experience and the transcendent realm of spirit. If viewers join in somewhere between illumination and shadow, restlessness and tranquility, lucidity and ambiguity, they are participating in my experience of bliss.