Visionary Art

Internal Dialogue between Inner and Outer Realities

My creative endeavor is centered on searching for the pure harmony found in the paradoxical interplay between two forces – self and Self, body and psyche, receptive Yin and creative Yang. If I am to live creatively, internal dialogue must go on between these two forces.


This internal dialogue creates the soul. It is a core element of the visionary art process for me.

A further soul making power of visionary art is the rescue of profound insights from the deepest recesses of our memory and psyche. Whether printmaking, performance or installation, my intention is that my art serve as an entrance way for this rescue mission.


I invite viewers to witness the ephemeral nature of existence, while at the same time reconnecting to the timeless pulse of life.

When times are hard, we artists are needed more than ever. Artists can be role models who show that truly living is to engage society, not reject it. I present my art as a means of immersion, a venue for grappling with the complexities and ambiguities of human existence at a deeper level.

Visionary art speaks to people who accept that life on earth depends on what we, individually and collectively, become. My highest goal, as an artist and educator, is to contribute to deep and lasting social change through serving the community with creative acts.